Website Creation: Why should you consider using website builder ?

If you want to build a quick website without investing dearly then you can go for the automatic designing tools that make it easier for you to build a website without specific technical knowledge. However, there has been a debate on whether to rely on the efficiency of an automatic designing tool or go for the creativity of a human mind. Till very recently it was believed that the human web designer- though more expensive- are preferable for designing your website. However, the times are changing and the sophisticated website builders make it easier for you to create just any website design meeting your exact objectives. Besides, the changing trends in website designing have also offered some prominence to the automatic website builder. Here are a few reasons why you should go for the automatic website builder rather than hiring an expensive web designer:

Cheap web designer = cheap web design

If you are on a tight budget then you are left with 2 choices either to go for a cheap web designer or to buy a website builder and design on your own. One thing to keep in mind is that the price defines the quality and hence it would not be practical to expect a professional web design from a designer who is ready to work at the prices that are way cheaper than the market prices. Besides, you cannot demand an explanation if the thing goes awry, talk less of carrying out a revision. For every question, you will hear the same answer “Add more and get more!”

You don’t have to face such issues if you buy a website builder. At economical amount, you can buy a website builder and use it to design your own website the way you want. All you need to invest in a few creative ideas and use the automated tools to build a website for your business. The modern website builders now offer a fully professional look and feel so you don’t even have to be worried about the commercial character of your website.


Don’t invest in website builder if you are looking for a web hosting services. You may get a website builder absolutely free. Many reputed web hosting companies offer complimentary infrastructure tools to their hosting clients- and that also includes a fully functional website builder.

You cannot reinvent the wheel

With the increasing popularity of Internet-enabled mobile devices, the focus is now on simple, straightforward designs. The objective is to highlight the conventional aspects of a website design instead of adding tons of unnecessary creativity. An average website builder can cater to these needs quite efficiently. To be honest, there is no fun in changing these conventional aspects as the wheel is invented only once.


More importantly, pumping aesthetics to the design can complicate the site structure making it difficult to be navigated. Google loves the simple straightforward site structure. Such site structure may even get rewarded with site links. Sitelinks are the links that directly connect to the relevant pages of your site. They appear on the search result pages just below the URL of your homepage. In this era when major search engines are rewarding the simple site structures, it does not look a wise thing to complicate your site structure.

Modern Website builders are purpose-built

Most of the websites have conventional needs like simple forms, easy way to embed Google maps and seamlessly adding photo galleries that align with the overall design. That means even if you hire a website designer with distinct qualifications, most of his work will revolve around these basic, conventional needs. Then why to pay premium charges for conventional tasks? And yes, you will have to pay them every time you need to change the design in the future.

A website builder comes at the fraction of what an accomplished designer will charge. It is actually built to meet all the conventional objectives (stated above) efficiently. Besides they are simple to use and you can edit your design any time without having to wade through technical complications.

SEO Ready Structure

Modern website builders are designed wisely so as to accommodate the SEO needs of the clients. As the site structure has now become one of the vital factors to gain/ lose extra SEO points, you need to be very careful about the structure. Besides, the guidelines keep on changing. One of the greatest advantages of site builders is that they are periodically updated to align with the most current SEO guidelines. Thus, you can be certain that your site structure is in compliance with the latest guidelines. If you have already taken care of other aspects of SEO, then this factor can give your site that extra push to climb up the search results.

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