How to gear up your Google Ranking with white hat techniques ?

There are 2 ways of gaining SEO benefits- BlackHat Techniques (Unethical ways) and White Hat Techniques (Ethical Ways). To be honest, the Black hat techniques can offer you quick benefits but these benefits don’t last for long. Sooner or later you are caught and there are very stringent penalties that you need to suffer. Many websites have been blacklisted because of using black hat SEO techniques and it may take those ages to regain their past glory. White hat SEO techniques, on the other hand, may take some time to show the results but they offer the durable results with a strong foundation. Let us know about the best ways to improve your Google ranking using White Hat SEO techniques:

Wise use of Keywords in the content

Content rules the digital world but if you want to use the content for the SEO benefits then you need to invest adequate time and attention in researching the most effective keywords. We are certainly not talking about using the automated tools to find the keywords. You should rather carry out an intensive keyword research process by blending technical accuracy with human talent. Be careful while choosing the ideal SEO services for your business. Just any SEO agency won’t do. Employing seasoned SEO experts can help a long way. Users’ search intent should be the major aspect of your research methodology. You should have the accurate idea of your targeted audience and their search intent. You should also have the precise technique to target the keywords. Last but not the least the correct usage of the keywords, their position, and frequency in the content finally determine the impact of the keywords on the targeted audience. For the diverse impact, the keywords should be used across multiple sources like the website, blogs, social media, guest posts and link building.

Deep, insightful articles

Sure, you need to pay proper attention towards using the keywords appropriately in your content but at the same time, equality of content also matters a lot. At one point in time, the content was generally used to support and weakly justify liberal quantities of keywords. Not anymore. The Google’s decision to penalize the shallow content has changed the things for better. You now need to pay proper attention to the length, depth, character, and presentation of the content. You should ensure that the content should be relevant to the intent of the target audience. An audience searches for a specific keyword to find specific information on the same.

How far your content is able to satisfy his needs determines the impact of your content and the associated SEO benefits.

As for the presentation, the content should be sufficiently long, precisely written, appealing and enriched with media. Besides, it should be presented in the appropriate format making it easier for the search engine bots to crawl.

For the maximum SEO benefit, you should optimize it with internal links leading other key pages of your website. It will help you in spreading the SEO benefits throughout different parts of your site.

Domain Authority

The domain authority pays a vital role in White Hat SEO techniques, In order to achieve that you need the help of backlinks. Backlinks are actually the links on other sites that direct the audience to the homepage or specific pages of your website. However, this is a crucial stage when you need to ensure that you are not drafting to the Black Hat SEO as backlinks can also be built using Black Hat SEO that can offer immediate benefits but is harmful to your site in the long run. A little mistake in SEO tactics can bring you on the wrong side of the lane.

If you have outsourced your SEO strategy to the third party then you need to tell them categorically not to use any Black Hat Technique while building backlinks.

If you notice unreasonably rapid results then you should be alarmed instead of being happy and demand a justifiable explanation from your SEO service provider

Some of the acceptable ways of building domain authority are to comment on relevant articles that align with your industry or services and finding the reputed online directories and submitting your site to them

One of the difficult but equally effective options to obtain quality backlinks is to publish guest posts on blogs with high domain authority. Quality of content matters the most and you might need multiple revisions.

On-Page Optimization

On-page and Off-Page optimization also play a great role in enhancing the overall reputation of your site. On-Page factors generally include the elements like header tags, title tags, Meta descriptions, and image alt- text.

The parameter here is to use just the right amount and type of keywords that can offer the maximum benefit without compromising with eh SEO ethics.

Just like the content, here too you need to be equally sincere while writing the description. This description helps the search engine to ascertain the relevance of your page as per the search phrase or keywords.

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